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 Soke Vansimpsen                                                 

Soke Hanshi Vansimpsen Johnny                  

Motstraat 97, 3580 Beringen, Belgium                                                       

tel/fax:  +32 11 42 19 12

Cell phone: +32 476 40 48 94   



Van Loo Herman, Shihan

Kapiteinstraat 44, 9000 Gent, Belgium

One Reply to “Contact”

  1. Dear, Madam, Sir,

    I’m Mohammed Baaziz from Algeria, Currently I’m in 5 th year at National
    university of sports-Algiers, I finished my studies and I still have one
    year of internship, I acquired depth knowledge in sport science; I also had
    the chance to put the knowledge into application during work experience in
    practical training sessions.

    Now I am athlete and coach Kickboxing-boxing-MMA, I want to continue my
    education by integrating your formation and I’m ready to study at your
    university at any time and any specialty would offer me the opportunity to
    deepen my knowledge.

    I am at your disposal for any selection, and please accept Madam, the
    assurances of my respectful consideration.

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