Kyoshi Van Loo Herman

Van Loo tai jutsu

VAN LOO Herman, kyoshi

Vice-President & Member I.U.M.A honbu

Personal history

Born in Belgium, Ghent on 10 August 1961.

1974 started JU JUTSU Belgium, with sensei Jules De Poorter, master in Judo & Ju Jitsu and a former student of Tokyo Hirano (ex-world champion Judo 6th Dan and instructor selfdefense of the Imperial Guard of Emperor Hiro Hito). Started BO JUTSU with sensei John Haeck (master in Ju Jitsu & more than once Belgium champion Kendo)

1981 became shodan 初段 JU JUTSU , National Ju Jitsu Federation Belgium

1982 became a member of the World Ju Jitsu Federation Belgium

1982 started TAI JUTSU with Master Alfred Pieters a former student of master Jo Barg & Grandmaster Kawashi (Jap)

1988 became International Ju Jutsu & Tai Jutsu instructor from the World Ju Jitsu Federation , with Soke Robert Clarck (England) & Grand-Master Alfred Pieters (Belgium)

1988 receive the “Certificate Defense Security – Bodyguard” from Sensei Vansimpsen Johnny

1989 started his 1ste Ju Jutsu & Tai Jutsu school , FUJI KAI in Evergem (Ghent)

1991 was one of the first members of I.U.M.A. under Soke Jimmy Keido Yamaue, founder of I.U.M.A.

1992 started with SHIATSU & SEIKI (International Macrobiotic Shiatsu Association Belgium) with Frans Copers a student of Harada Sensei (Japan) & Kishi Akinobu (Japan)

1993 founder of the I.U.M.A. v.z.w. with Soke Vansimpsen Johnny

Van Loo & Vansimpsen

1994 became Aiki Bojutsu Instructor ( Naigai Ryu aiki bojutsu)

Van Loo bo jutsu

1995 started IAIDO , Eishin Ryu – Hoki Ryu with Shihan Tomita Seiji (Japan), founder of Ban Sen Juku , Osaka Aikikai Foundation & Kyoto Aikido Association.

Van Loo Herman1996 became rokudan 六段 Ju Jutsu & Instructor , International Karate Ju-Jitsu Kobudo Association (Italy)

1997 founder of NIPPON BUDO DOJO , a school for traditional Japanese Arts  & Culture in Ghent

1997 5th March, became rokudan 六段 Ju Jutsu, International Budo Association with Daniel Blanchet (France)

1998 appointed as Vice-President I.U.MA. on 20 November, by Soke Vansimpsen Johnny.

1999 became member and start training KOKUSAI JUJUTSU RENMEI (Soke Shoto Tanamura)

Van Loo & Peter Vermeeren

with sensei Peter Vermeeren

1999 the 14th March, became rokudan 六段 Ju Jutsu / Nihon Tai Jutsu , I.U.M.A. with Soke Vansimpsen Johnny.

1999 the 14th August, became rokudan 六段, recognized by the World Head of Family Sokeship Council

1999 the 4th September, World Head of Family – Instructor of the year, nominated by Soke Keido Yamaue 10th Dan

Van Loo en Soke Yamaue

with Soke Keido Yamaue

2004 Represent in Belgium for Nihon Tai Jutsu style off Karate Jutsu, appointed by the technical director of Nihon Tai Jutsu Europe, Roland Hernaez, Hanshi

2006 the 24th June, became rokudan 六段 Jujutsu, Dai Nippon Butoku Kai ( Japan ) from Tesshin Hamada , Hanshi

2008 Started with Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iai Heiho under Sensei Marc Mebis & Hanshi Masayuki Shimabukuro.

2007 the 3th March, became nanadan 七段 Ju Jutsu I.U.M.A. from Soke Yamaue, Soke Vansimpsen & Soke McGill

2010 the 18 April, Renshi jujutsu,  Dai Nippon Butoku Kai (Japan) from Tesshin Hamada , Hanshi

2011 the 15th March, received shodan 初段 and License Fuku Shidoin in Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iai Heiho from Hanshi Masayuki Shimabukuro.

2012 the 6th October, became nidan 二段 in Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iai Heiho, from Hanshi Carl Long.

2016 april, became hachidan 八段 Ju Jutsu I.U.M.A.

2019 may, became sandan 三段 in Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iai Heiho, from Hanshi Carl Long.

2021 juni, became yondan 四段 and shihan in Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaijutsu, from Marc Mebis, so-shihan YNBK


He has already organized several seminars in Belgium and has also been invited as instructor on International seminars in Belgium, Germany, Poland, England, Italy, Czech Republic, France, Switzerland and United States. Instructor for special police forces & bodyguards in Czech Republic, …

His device : Practise each exercise a 1000 times, to do it once good. Don’t act as a bull but as a bull-fighter, a good technique is always essential.

Van Loo Herman

So-shihan, Naigai Ryu

Kyoshi 8th Dan, jujutsu IUMA 

Shihan 4th Dan, Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaijutsu