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本部 道場  Honbu Dojo


The I.U.M.A. is founded the 20th December 1990 by Soke Keido Yamaue 10th Dan, a Buddhist priest and culture representative of Daishoji Imperial Temple and Saga Imperial Palace. He is born in Japan in 1946 and graduated in Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto, Japan.


Soke Yamaue and Great Abbot-Dai Sojo

It is difficult to say when he started Aiki Jutsu, because he was born in Budo Family. His father taught him Judo and chiropractic techniques, one of his uncles taught him Go Ju Ryu Karate and one of his grandfather s taught him Aiki Jutsu and Aiki Do. Grandfather –Takuma Hisa (1895-1979) – was a great master of Daito Ryu Aiki Jutsu and the founder of  Takuma-kai in Japan. Aiki Jutsu was a part of his Budo education in his childhood. Yamaue Aiki Jutsu is related to Takeda Aiki Bujutsu = Daito Ryu Aiki Jutsu. He also practised Shorinji Kempo (Japanese style of Shaolin Kung Fu ) and many kinds of Chinese Kung Fu. He is well known in the world as a founder 10th Dan of Nord Shaolin Kung Fu (a new system based on northern Shaolin tradition) and Yamaue Ryu Aiki Jutsu. Soke Yamaue receives several Budo awards, International Hall of Fame awards and recognitions from all over the world every year.

Yamaue 1

Soke Yamaue is the 1st Soke and now honorary President of I.U.M.A.

In 1993 Soke Vansimpsen Johnny 10th Dan, established a I.U.M.A. headquarter in Belgium, together with Van Loo Herman, Shihan and De Muynck Stefaan, Shihan. This with the purpose to bring good teachers from everywhere together in I.U.M.A. and to have a good contact between the members. All the information about seminars and other activities are collected at the headquarters and send all over the world to our members. I.U.M.A. is open to all styles and to all countries.

Soke Vansimpsen Johnny is the present President of I.U.M.A. and 2nd Soke of  I.U.M.A. , assisted by his Vice-President Van Loo Herman, kyoshi.


Vansimpsen Johnny, Soke


Van Loo Herman, Kyoshi

 iuma logo   The meaning of our MON

The “MON” (symbol) of I.U.M.A is a lotus flower (Hasu) with two leaves. It grows out from the mud and fights his way up to through the water to the water surface. Once above the water surface, the flower stay strong by pushing his leaves to the water surface. After a while it shows his beauty with a beautiful flower.

The lotus flower is one of the most ancient and deepest symbols of our planet. In Buddhism, it is one of the eight symbols of good fortune. The lotus flower is a symbol of purity of the soul within the material world, which rises upward toward the light through muddy water.


If you want some more information about our organization, contact the honbu and we send you the information.


本部 道場 Honbu Dojo

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