Organization 団体

The members 

Everybody can join us an individual, club, organization or federation. They can keep there own identity and be a part off a worldwide family. He or She can also be appointed as represent off I.U.M.A. , when he or she is the first member in his country.


The represents 

Each Represent is the contact person for I.U.M.A. in his country. The represent has no official task but he can give information to other clubs in his country. He is also the represent of his country on seminars and events. After a time he can be promoted as director ( when he has build-up a group in his county ).


The Director and Vice-Director

Each Director is the official I.U.M.A. representative in his country. He can appoint the division directors and has a good contact with the headquarters. He can build up a staff who help and advises him on different matters.

I.U.M.A. is also an umbrella for several martial arts.

Each Martial Art is classified as a division.


The division 

Each division is having its own Division Director.

The Division Director is elected by the Director and his staff.

Each division is having once a year a general assembly, where it discusses and organizes its planning for next year (events, stages, examinations, sponsoring, etc.). It will also bring up all major problems to be discussed further to the International Country Directors meeting.

A final report of this general assembly is going to the I.U.M.A. H.Q.

Each division is responsible for his own martial art. This means to control, support and supply the system of its art in all its joining countries.

Division members can be Clubs, Federations, Organizations, etc. .

Each federation or organization preserve his own organization structure and rules (examinations, championships, etc.).

The individual Clubs will be directed by the Division Director.

The Division Director will be present at each I.U.M.A. Dan-grade examination, in order to control the normal I.U.M.A. qualifications.


The I.U.M.A. H.Q. ( Headquarters )

The I.U.M.A. H.Q. is holding once a year an international assembly where all the International Country Directors are present.

At this general assembly, main policies will established and discussed. This assembly enables I.U.M.A. to give the best and most sufficient service to all divisions and members, and it proves a democratically structure inside the organization.

I.U.M.A. is giving with its organization to all Martial Arts, the advantage to be helped for all kinds of activities and to receive an international recognition worldwide by exchanging its different cultures and traditions.

All the activities of each division, will be distributed in all joining countries by E-mail, post and is also available on the website of the I.U.M.A. H.Q. .

You are interested to introduce your country to I.U.M.A. or you would like to become a member of I.U.M.A. ? Please contact  I.U.M.A. H.Q. for further information.

As member of  I.U.M.A. , you are free to join any other organization or federation in the world.


I.U.M.A. H.Q.